Top Hong Kong Beaches: A Unique Combo of Tanning, Surfing, and Dining

Top Hong Kong Beaches: A Unique Combo of Tanning, Surfing, and Dining

If you think that Hong Kong is all banks, busy traffic, and skyscrapers, you’re wrong.

Anthony Bourdain once said that: “Hong Kong is a wonderful, mixed-up town where you’ve got great food and adventure. First and foremost, it’s a great place to experience China in a relatively accessible way.”

And any world traveler who has been there couldn’t agree more.

This is one of the most diverse cities in the world, successfully combining the elements of the rural, the urban, and the maritime. In Hong Kong, everyone can find something for themselves, be it shopping, visiting Buddhist temples, walking down vibrant streets, or partying hard. This is exactly what makes it one of those addictive places you cannot help falling in love with.

One of the most recognizable symbols of Hong Kong are its numerous awe-inspiring beaches. No matter if you’re into popular beaches, idyllic white-sand beaches ringed by trees and rocks, or the ones where you can surf surrounded by wide nothingness, Hong Kong has it all.

Grab your beach umbrella and shades, as we’re taking you to the most iconic Hong Kong’s places to surf, tan, and enjoy amazing food.

Cheung Sha Beach

Famous for numerous tourist attractions, such as Tai O fishing village, Big Buddha, and Po Lin Monastery, Lantau Island is a must-see place for everyone visiting Hong Kong. But, what really sets this gorgeous island apart are its heavenly beaches, most popular of which is Cheung Sha Wan.

Comprising of two beaches, Upper Cheung Sha and Lower Cheung Sha, this beach stretches 3km from east to west and is one of the longest beaches in Hong Kong. This is actually one of its major advantages, since you will never have to fight for space with other tourists.

Given its untouched beauty, it’s not surprising that both tourists and Lantau locals choose to spend some quality time with their families there. This makes it a perfect place to meet new people and experience new things.

When you get tired of the crowd, you can simply take a long walk along the beach and, in just a few minutes, you will be surrounded by only sand, rocks, and sea. Also, don’t forget to go to lunch in Cheung Sha Beach. Its diverse beachside restaurants with a gorgeous view of the ocean will provide you with authentic holiday vibes and unforgettable memories.

Tai Long Wan

Clean sand, rocky cliffs, fresh air, sea caves, lots of greenery, and Sharp Peak rising in the distance – yes, we’re talking about Tai Long Wan, probably the most fascinating Hong Kong’s beach. When you take a look at it, it’s hard to believe that you’re still in Hong Kong.

Tai Long Wan is truly breath-taking, but to get there, you need to take a bus plus to hike along the MacLehose Trail. Even though it’s hard to access, its beautiful beaches and big waves make it a perfect spot for both campers and surfers. Still, keep in mind that surfing there is not safe, since this is not an official surf beach and there are no lifeguards to watch over you.

Still, even if you don’t want to swim and surf there, visiting beautiful Tai Long Wan to relax and take a few photos is really worth the effort.

Shek O

Translated into English as “the rocky bay,” Shek O is heaven on earth – no, we’re not exaggerating. This is where the sea meets golden sands, rocks, and trees. Ringed by gigantic hills, this place is an unusual combination of rustic village streets and magnificent landscapes.

It is one of the most popular beaches for Hong Kong families. Sometimes, it can get so crowded that you won’t be able to find a spot to jab your beach umbrella.

If you liked Shek O so much, but you aren’t into pushing your way through the crowd to get to the sea, don’t be sad. Namely, these visitors tend to cluster at one end of the beach, meaning that there is still a lot of spare space for any determined explorer willing to search for it.

Big Wave Bay

Located on the eastern coast of Hong Kong, this beach is close to the Dragon’s Back hiking trail. Unlike neighboring Shek O, from which it’s separated by two huge headlands, Big Wave Bay is more peaceful and cleaner. This makes it a perfect choice both for families who want to dine at one of its beautiful restaurants along the beach and individuals who want to try their luck with surfing.

Like its mere name suggests, Big Wave Bay is famous for its huge rolling wind-whipped waves. This is exactly what makes it a surfing heaven for both Chinese locals and tourists. So, if you’re planning to go surfing, brace yourself. The beach is usually overcrowded on weekends and you will have to compete with other surfers for the opportunity to ride the waves.

Big Wave Bay is officially approved as a surf beach, meaning that it is always supervised by several lifeguards. Still, be careful. The waves can be pretty unpredictable, so if you’re not an experienced surfer, you should definitely take a veteran with you, or follow the locals’ lead.

Repulse Bay Beach

Repulse Bay is the most famous Hong Kong’s Southside beach – and for a good reason. If you take a look at one of its photos, its lush greenery, azure seas and perfectly manicured, white-sand beaches may look as if they were photoshopped.

What makes it special is the fact that it is a true combo of the rustic and the urban. Namely, it is surrounded by a multitude of awesome beachside restaurants, fancy hotels, and is the closest beach to Central, Hong Kong’s business and retail epicenter.

In other words, it’s everything a tourist needs. This is exactly what makes it one of the most popular destinations, attracting the hoards of tourists every day, who go there to pose for photos and shop. So, if you’re looking for an oasis of peace and tranquility, this beach may not be the right option for you.

Deep Water Bay

If Repulse Bay is too much for you, then you should definitely visit the nearby Deep Water Bay. Even though it’s usually packed on weekends, weekdays give you the opportunity to enjoy the mesmerizing views and tranquility. And, if you notice a group of early-morning swimmers out there, don’t be surprised. Just like parks attract many elderly people to do tai-chi early in the morning, Deep Water Bay is a home to numerous Chinese locals who go there for their daily dip.

Most importantly, Deep Water Bay is linked to the Repulse Bay by a boardwalk. When you get tired of swimming and taking quiet naps under the trees, you can simply take a long walk to fancy Repulse Bay. This could be an extremely pleasant outdoor exercise for every beach stroller.

Back to You

When in Hong Kong, you’re constantly surrounded by thousands of tourists, skyscrapers, noise, and traffic. Everything is going on so fast and no one could blame you for wanting to slow things down a bit. Fortunately, those beautiful beaches will give you the opportunity to recharge your batteries, get away from the tourist invasion, and erase reality for a few hours.

And, only by experiencing both sides of Hong Kong will you be able to truly feel it and get the most of your journey.

What are your favorite beaches in Hong Kong?


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