How to surprise your Mum with the perfect gift

How to surprise your Mum with the perfect gift

Your mum loves flowers and is crazy about jewellery. But more than any accessory or object, what she loves above all else is you! So why not take advantage of this Mother’s Day to share a moment together? Moment of happiness guaranteed.

1 The classic one
It may not be the most original idea, but getting pretty flowers is always appreciated! Who doesn’t like being surrounded with flowers?

2 Gourmet
A gargantuan brunch, a few cocktails, a nice terrace.. All of them are ways to conquer the heart of gourmet moms.

3 Beauty moment
A relaxing break at the Spa, a luxurious treatment, facial or even a nice spring haircut. Pamper her the way she deserves it!

4 Groupie party
Mum is a fan of the Kooks or dreams of seeing a classical ballet? Reserve the places and we offer it to her on Sunday. Between the excitement of waiting for the concert and the stars in the eyes on D-day, it makes her doubly happy.

5 Intangible gift
No need to break the bank to fill it, it is sometimes the smallest gifts that have the greatest impact. A mother-daughter day, a cocooning moment at home, a movie outing, a picnic at the park, a homemade dessert … Make your choice!

6 OMG I’m scared                                                                                                                                                                                                             Looking for the unforgettable? Raise the adrenaline with a parachute jump, a plane ride, a surf session or a horseback ride. She will remember this Mother’s Day for a long time.

7 Discovery time
Your Mom doesn’t know Hong Kong well and would like to discover Kowloon side or go for a walk on a beach in Lantau? Play the guides for a day, with a great tailor-made journey and take advantage to grab some nice food on the way. Visit Lantau with its buffalos and beaches, discover the natural beauty within Hong Kong.

8 What’s next?
Because we love her 365 days a year, no need for a special day to celebrate it. Have great food, a smile + some family time together!

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